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Provide Member Discounts

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Zoe Cangas


Zoe will waive the $500 admin fee for all of our members. If you're looking to buy or sell in IL or MO, visit her page

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WCP Direct Care

COVID Testing

COVID testing included in all Concierge packages

Discounts apply for members.  Email for details.


Lydexar CBD Products

Members save 25% on all Lydexar products. Email  us for a discount code.

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Robert Heideman

Delmar Mortgage

Delmar Mortgage will waive the Loan Origination Fee for a new home for our members.

This is greater than $1000 value. 

Learn More.

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Metagenics Supplemets

Members save 20% on all Metagenics products. Email Allies4Health for discount code.

Visit the Metagenics website

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F45 O'Fallon

Allies4Health members get a FREE two week pass.  Let your provider know if you'd like to

get a card.


Zion Health

Medical Cost Sharing

Zion Health is a nonprofit medical cost sharing program that provides an organized structure for members to contribute toward each other’s medical costs. We offer a proven and effective alternative to health insurance. Watch this video to learn more.

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