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We Recommend the Following Partners for All of Your Health Needs and More:

Zoe Cangas

Zoe will waive the $500 admin fee for all of our members. If you’re looking to buy or sell in IL or MO.

CBD Products
Members save 25% on all Lydexar products.
Email us for a discount code.

Robert Heideman

Delmar Mortgage
​Delmar Mortgage will waive the Loan Origination Fee for a new home for our members.
This is greater than the $1000 value.

Metagenics Supplements

Members save 20% on all Metagenics products. Email Allies4Health for a discount code.

Zion Health

Medical Cost Sharing
Zion Health is a nonprofit medical cost-sharing program that provides an organized structure for members to contribute toward each other’s medical costs. We offer a proven and effective alternative to health insurance. Watch this video to learn more.


Medical Cost Sharing
Medi-Share is a Christian health care sharing ministry where members share each other’s medical bills and pray for each other’s medical challenges.

We Recommend:

Dr Ryan Hewkin

Excelsior Family Chiropractic

At Excelsior we stand for a world where all families can be supported and empowered in pursuing their God-given ability to be healthy. We invite you to explore health, experience life and express 100% of your God-given potential.

Dr Danielle Fishel

Fisher Chiropractic
Dr. Danielle has a passion for helping families in chiropractic care. She is Webster Technique Certified, an adjusting technique for pregnant women that focuses on balancing the pelvis for birth.

Dr Tom Gargiula

Windmill Chiropractic
Dr. Tom came to St. Louis in 1987 to attend Logan College of Chiropractic. He and his wife Sue enjoy raising their four children and serving the St. Louis Community through Windmill Wellness Center,
since 1994.

Dr Jerod Posey

212 Degrees of Wellness
Dr. Posey uses a variety of natural modalities including chiropractic care, massage, and nutritional counseling.


Identity Theft Protection
Did you know a Child’s identity can be stolen right after they are born? IDSeal’s premium monitoring features include credit monitoring, email, and mobile alerts, and a full suite of identity protection features such as Smart Social Security Number Tracker, Digital Spy Dark Web Monitoring, Financial Account Takeover Monitoring, and more.


Meal Plan App
Custom meal plans, personalized recipes and grocery lists to help you save time and eat better. Use Code IDEAL10 to save $10 off subscription.

Exactly Zero

Clean Products
Clean products with no harmful chemicals, additives, microplastics, or preservatives.
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