As a pediatrician, I came to realize many things that subsequently lead me to practicing medicine differently from the rest.


Here are a few things we do at Allies4Health.

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Our Difference

  • Limit the number of patients so we can give personalized care

  • One monthly fee covers all of the services we can offer

  • Discounts for medications, labs, and radiology

  • Discount to other business partners

  • Medical Freedom- I am pro (routine) vaccines and kindly recommend them, but realize parents have choices in the medical decisions for their children.

  • Lifestyle recommendations before medication- I like to say 'I'm not holistic, I just think kids get too much medicine' and work towards a more functional approach

  • Circumvent insurance hassles-I'm sure you realize after you pay your premiums, you still pay a lot of medical bills. You will still need insurance, however, for referral/hospital visits (and if you choose to use it for medication, labs, radiology, etc)

  • Direct access- this means you call or text me or the nurse practitioner directly. No phone tag with a receptionist or nurse

  • Time- the minimum appointment time is 30 minutes, but i've done up to two hour home visit!

  • Recommend Chiropractic care - most pediatrician are strongly against chiropractic care only due to not having the right information. I have taken the time to find trusted chiropractors that have helped many of my patients and I know will cause no harm.

Compare our models (In home service from me, in office service from my trusted Nurse Practitioner) to insurance model here.