About Us

We are a collaboration of healthcare providers who are working together to provide families with direct access to healthcare that meets their individual needs.

About Dr. Joe, Medical Doctor

Healthcare is constantly changing and rising in cost, and as a healthcare provider I felt the need to start a medical practice that can tailor your care according to your needs. A place where you have a say in your medical care without being pressured to make decisions. A place where wellness is put before illness care.

I am a board certified Pediatrician and US Army veteran who views my patients as a whole person, and prioritizes lifestyle modification before jumping to medications. While I do recommend routine vaccinations, my goal is for you to have freedom in your medical decisions while still receiving quality care. I fully support medical freedom.

Why Choose Allies4Health:
Quality, Personalized Care


Optimum Health And Wellness

We believe that parents are their child’s best advocates, and our goal is to partner with families to help them achieve optimum health and wellness.

Direct Primary Care Model

Our direct primary care model means that we avoid the hassles of insurance and provide care directly to you.

Unlimited Consults

With unlimited consults, we focus on delivering quality, personalized care that meets the unique needs of each individual.
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